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I am setting up my trial and when I chose a calendar it only accepts one calender. What attracted me is you can integrate both outlook and Gmail which is huge because they do not sync. I have been looking everywhere to have one calendar to view everything because that's what is messing up everything in my day.

Re: User Manual > Reporting Issues

This manual article gives us suggestions on what to include when submitting issues, but it doesn't let us know where to actually submit them. Is the appropriate channel of communication to send everything in through email, or should we create ReadMe Accounts to submit issues here? Thank you! (Link to article: https://help.sunsama.com/docs/reporting-issues)

Feature suggestion - iCloud calendar integration

Being able to see iCloud calendar items in the Sunsama app would be a huge plus for Apple users. Right now, I need to have the Apple calendar app open on the side in order to schedule my Sunsama tasks, which is a big chore. It's not even necessary to have full two-way sync -- just being able to see iCal events in Sunsama would help tremendously. I would really be grateful for this feature!

Feature suggestion - meeting summary notes go to the whole group

Right now at the end of the meeting you select the meeting recipients and everyone gets an email. Which is fine. But my normal workflow is that I want *everyone* to get the same email. It would be a nice setting to default to "everyone on the CC" for one email. That way if we have a follow-up discussion or similar, it's in a single thread.

Is there a way to change the color and availability of the tasks Sunsama adds to my Google Calendar?

Ideally, I'd like for my tasks to be a different color and have different availability (free) than my meetings. This way I can quickly visually inspect when my meetings are when I open the Google calendar app, and others are able to find time to meet with me when they book through my calendar or Calendly. (Sunsama colors tasks and meetings differently in its own app, however, I want this visual difference in Google Calendar, as well.)

Asana Integration, tasks created in Sunsama get created in Asana too

Is there a way to create a corresponding task in Asana when the task is first created in Sunsama?

How should I set up my channels?

I am wondering about the best way to set up my channels?