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Request: 24h format

Personally, I haven't found the Option yet, but I would love it if the Time would be displayable in a 24h Format instead of a 12h Format. Just one of my Little Pet Peeves

Feature request: Integrate with Evernote tasks + notes

Evernotes new task features really does the trick, as one can keep tasks intertwined with e.g. meeting minutes. Would love my evernote tasks to be available in Sunsama!

Azure DevOps Integration

Is this on the roadmap? Not sure what the demand is but I'd love to have it! =)

Access Sunsama offline?

Is it possible to use Sunsama desktop app when offline? I've tested it and it appears that when tasks are created an error will be thrown if you're not online. Thanks,

feature request: Run Meeting, display all agenda & notes in one scrollable view

Within the Run Meeting view, Discussion Topics are displayed one at a time when they are navigated to via the Agenda sidebar. This makes it difficult to quickly to quickly refer to or update notes from an earlier part of the meeting as the conversation goes along. For myself, it would be easier to keep context while jumping around if all discussion topics + notes were displayed in a single scrollable view, perhaps separated by horizontal rules and graying out text to indicate topic boundaries and active / completed state during the meeting.

Tasks and Times

This is probably more of a feature request, but asking here in hopes that it already exists. I am using the Todoist integration. Love the ability to drag my tasks out onto the calendar and have them scheduled. Would love it even *more* if Sunsama would update the task with that calendar time. Then I see the time regardless of if I'm looking at Todoist or Sunsama or my Outlook Calendar. Fantastical does this, so I at least know it is technically possible. Is it just an option that I've missed or is it a feature to be requested?

Not for big companies

Hi, I am on day1 of the trial and everything looks cool! I can imagine this would be quite useful with all the integrations, however, it is not possible for me to use them. For example, my large company employer does not allow for outlook access, slack access, jira access, or most of the things that would make this tool meaningful. And, most employees are not in a position to dispute or get exceptions from this. If there's a workaround, let me know!

issues with consistent GMail integration

Hello - I intermittently receive the below error message in the Gmail pain. After seeing the message for a while, I have so far always regained access my Gmail through the Mac and browser app. There don't seem to be any permission restrictions. Is this a known bug, or is there a remedy that you would suggest? "It looks like you do not have the Gmail service enabled. Please speak with your GSuite administrator"

Todoist Task lists and tasks assigned to others

Really digging the Todoist integration -- except for one thing: In the list of tasks, it shows tasks assigned to others in my Today and "Next 7 Days" views. Those tasks do NOT show up in those same views when working in the Todoist app itself and that is definitely my preference. Any way to control that on the Sunsama side? It just makes a big list even bigger...

Integration of Notion? (2 way sync)

Hello Are you planning to integrate Notion (best 2 way sync)? Akiflow has solved this integration very well, as an idea.